Two-hole Button Mandrel Tool

designed by Heather Trimlett

Mandrels shown with a Heather Trimlett button (not included)

Mandrels shown with a Heather Trimlett button (not included)

In the beginning people would tape two mandrels together to make a two-hole button mandrel. I knew I needed something easier!

I approached Craig Milliron of Arrow Springs fame (the man can make anything!) with my idea and after a bit of trial and error we created the Trimlett Two-hole button mandrel. (It should probably be the Craig & Heather Two-hole button mandrel!)

Now if only we could have some cool weather here in southern California so I could wear a sweater with my own buttons. -- Heather

Trimlett Two-hole Button Mandrels are 11" long and 3/32" in diameter.  They are sold as a set of 5 mandrels.

FREE SHIPPING! (Within the USA.)

Heather also has a downloadable Two-hole Button Tutorial available separately here. 

*This tutorial is a downloadable PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it.