Groovy Tool

designed by Heather Trimlett

Photo shows both sides of Groovy Tool.

Photo shows both sides of Groovy Tool.

My favorite part of teaching is when students have an "ah ha!" moment.

The technique that provokes the most "ah ha!" moments comes when I use my Groovy Tool to demo my method for making a hollow bead.

Students who have struggled for years with hollow beads finally find success using my Groovy Tool and I love helping them do this.

I also love tiny bicone spacers and as long as I was designing my own tool I thought I'd add more options. The back of the tool gave me room to do just that.

Custom bead by Heather on end of handle.

Custom bead by Heather on end of handle.

The Groovy Tool also gives you 3 different profiles for making bicone beads and spacers. Currently half my beads are being shaped with this tool....from tiny spacers all the way up to my big hole beads and the edges of some of my disks.

If you'd like to make a hollow bead or need some nifty spacers this is the tool for you.   -- Heather

Note: The Heather Trimlett bead on the end of the Groovy Tool is unique and made using the Groovy Tool. Heather will chose the perfect bead for your tool!

The Groovy Tool is 9" long.
The profile angles on the tool are: 90 degrees, 45 degrees and 22.5 degrees. The 90 degree profile is used to make hollow beads.

Comes complete with a FREE! copy of Heather's Groovy Tool Hollow Bead Magic Tricks.

*This tutorial is a downloadable PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it.