TRimlett Twister Tool SET

designed by Heather Trimlett

You may have noticed that one of the common elements in my beads is the twist. I love twists and what I can do with them in my work.

I needed a better punty than a glass rod to help me control the heat while making my twists. This prompted the design of my Trimlett Twister Tool Set.

These are the tools I'm using in my Twists! tutorial (available here on my web site). See photo details at left.

-- Heather

P.S. Watch my Corning demo video of the Trimlett Twister Tool in action.

The Twister Tools:

  • Each one is 11.5" long.
  • The beads on the ends of the tools are both decorative and functional. The weight of the bead makes the tool more balanced when you use it.
  • A basic 2-color twist was used to make the beads on these tools.
  • The red grip keeps sweaty hands from slipping.
  • The heavy stainless steel used to make the tool holds heat better to help you avoid those "dog bones" that can occur when making twists.

The Brass Push Tool:

  • 9" inches long.
  • One end is shaped for pushing & tucking and the other end for poking.
  • Great tool for poking your glass to make air bubbles.
  • A filigrana twist was used to make the bead in the center of this tool.

Note: The Trimlett Twister Tool Set contains 2 stainless steel Twister Tools and one Brass Pusher Tool. The Heather Trimlett beads on the end of the Twister Tools and the brass push tool are shipped as a matching set. Heather will chose the perfect beads for your tools!

Some very basic FREE instructions are available here for using The Trimlett Twister Tool Set.

For more detailed instructions see the Twists! tutorial (available here on the web site).

*This tutorial is a downloadable PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it.