Twists! *

Twists are two or more different colors of glass twisted together. Twists are commonly used as surface decoration on your bead but you can even make the whole bead out of twists.

Yes, you can make twists! At first making twists will seem like an overwhelming challenge. With practice you will be able to choose the diameter and number of twists per inch. Really!

My Trimlett Twister Tools are available separately here on my web site.

Photos below are examples of: Front Cover, Table of Contents, Sample Page & Back Cover.

Heather designed her Twists! tutorial for students who are unable to take a class with her personally.

Note from Heather: "Just imagine that you are in my studio for a private lesson. Here is your chance to "watch" me work, and have me "talk" you through the process of honing your beadmaking skills. And yes, there will be assignments at the end of this lesson!"

Goals for this tutorial:

  • Make beautiful twists and apply them neatly to your beads!
  • Learn to rotate two glass rods/punties at the same time while making a nice “football” gather.
  • Avoid those “dog-bones.”

*This tutorial is a downloadable PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it.