ISGB 2018 commemorative bead

For years I have been assigning the 40-bead project to my students.  Now it’s my turn to do a slightly different version of this project.  I have the honor of being asked to make the commemorative beads for the 2018 International Society of Glass Beadmakers annual conference.

I spent quite some time testing twisted cane designs and how I wanted to layer them up on a bead.  What size mandrel would I use?  What color combinations would make the most people happy?  Yes, you would think this would be easy since I make beads with twisted cane all the time. It wasn’t easy!

My goal is to make all these beads beautiful and look exactly alike.  This is an unattainable goal!  However, it is my current challenge and I am learning a lot. 

It’s never too early or too late to challenge yourself