Heather's 40-Bead Project

These 40 beads by Linda Dillard

These 40 beads by Linda Dillard

In the beginning of my beadmaking career it was how many colors can I use at one time? This color, no this one . . . it was a flurry of glass and ideas storming around in my head! Mercy! Nothing looked good together and I had no clue where I was going.

I began to put myself on restriction, limiting the number of colors I was allowed to use for a morning at the torch. Amazingly, I was more focused, had a better understanding of how each color would react, and I had a body of work I could actually use!


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Years later, when I started teaching I applied these restrictions to my students. The 40- Bead Project was born.  DOWNLOAD HERE...


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Working within the guidelines I give makes you work harder and be more creative. You are being challenged to make a very specific kind of bead. This makes you step outside your usual box and stretch your skills and creativity. You gain the most when you follow the "rules" so read carefully!

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