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 Heather's Groovy Tool Hollow Bead Magic & Tricks

Heather's Groovy Tool Hollow Bead
Magic & Tricks… Free!
(for the Groovy Tool designed by Heather Trimlett)

Heather shows you just how easy it is to make a hollow bead with her Groovy Tool. Lots of great photos!

P.S. Tips for making bicone beads too!

Download is 3 pages of text and photos.

ROUND-UP Tool Quick Instructions - FREE!

ROUND-UP Tool Quick Instructions - Free!
(for the ROUND-UP & the Big ROUND-UP Tools designed by Heather Trimlett)

I have always enjoyed making marbles with holes in them. To create them, I used a marble mold for shaping them for years and while this was a great use of a standard marble mold I wanted more. This prompted the design of my ROUND-UP Tool. Think about making pancakes or cookies; often the first batch does not come out perfectly, but the more you cook the better your results. Shaping beads in the mold can be like that. Often the first one is a bit wonky, but then you get a rhythm and your results improve. Most of my students experience rapid success—I’m sure you will too!

Download is a 2-page sheet with instructions on how to make a bead in my ROUND-UP Tool.

 Trimlett Twister Tool Quick Start Guide - FREE!

Trimlett Twister Tool Quick Start Guide - Free!
(for the Trimlett Twister Tool set designed by Heather Trimlett)

Yes, there are lots of choices when it comes to tools for making twists, stringers and doing off-mandrel work. Having spent thousands of hours making this type of work, I finally created the Trimlett Twister Tool, a tool that works for me and am excited to share it with you. Like any other new tool, it will take some practice.

Download is a 2-page sheet with instructions on how to get started with my Trimlett Twister Tool.

 Essential Beadmaking Magic & Tricks by Heather Trimlett

Heather's "Essential Beadmaking Magic & Tricks"… - Free!

You may make spectacular beads but still have the same problems occurring in every bead. You might be just starting out and feel like you don’t have a handle on things just yet. Either way it all boils down to your ability to control the glass. With control of the glass you can make your simple beads and your
fancy beads even better. My goal is to share a few of my essential magical tricks to put you in control of your beadmaking.

Plus Two Tiny Tips FREE!

This first appeared in the December issue of Soda Lime Times.

Download is 5 pages of text and photos.


Heather's 40-bead Challenge Project - Free!

Repetition is the key to learning a skill. Your brain and your muscles need repetition to teach them to do things well. Something wonderful happens in your brain when you practice the same thing over and over.

Download my FREE 40-bead challenge project sheet. I think it is great training tool for any beadmaker. It contains helpful hints and the full 40-Bead Project assignment. Print it out and you're off!

Download is a single sheet with instructions for my 40-bead Challenge Project.

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