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Big Hole Beads: Constructing and Finishing A-Z

Heather brings 25 years of beadmaking experience to you! She will share her heat control magic and tricks to give your work that clean and precise look we all want. You will learn her secrets to applying glass to a large mandrel while maintaining a nice smooth bead base. The class will start with 1/8” mandrels then work way up to……let’s see how brave you are…..maybe all the way up to a 1” mandrel?!

TWISTS! Almost all of Heather’s beads contain TWISTS! She has more tips and tricks to share with you to make your twisting life easier. You will learn to control the application of your twist and match the ends when you apply your twist…your friends will be amazed and your beads will be gorgeous! This class will also cover polishing the holes on the inside of the larger hole beads and an introduction to tumbling and polishing your disk beads.

One of Heather’s favorite things to do is deconstruct and redirect the frustrations of your current project.  Take advantage of her years of experience and bring a sample of your current work to class so she can jump start you back into your creative process! Seriously, critiquing your own work and that of others (in a nurturing environment) makes us all better beadmakers.

Time permitting, bonus instruction may include: clear casing, using Puffy mandrels for constructing hollow beads, and your special requests.

Heather will bring her tools for you to try and will instruct you on how to use them. She will have her tools available for sale, too.

Brazee Street Studios : 4426 Brazee Street, Cincinnati (Oakley), Ohio 45209

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